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About Us

Cycle Works, Inc. was incorporated by its founder, Ed Korn, in 1986 but traces its roots back to the 1970's. It was at that time that Ed began repairing motorcycles in his spare time to put himself through college. This repair work often necessitated special tools which were either unavailable or prohibitively expensive. Being a mechanical engineering student, Ed began designing and fabricating his own one-off tools to aid in his work. He soon came to realize there had to be others in the same predicament and he began mass producing those tools and offering them to the public. In short order, the tools and the related how-to technical videos, along with Ed's capacity and eagerness to teach, established Cycle Works as the 'go-to' technical source for motorcycle owners performing their own repair work.

I met Ed and became aware of Cycle Works in 2003 when I was looking for resources to maintain/repair/restore an attention-starved R51/3 that I had purchased. After ordering and using a tool or two, I found myself turning to Ed frequently as a first resource for information, parts, tools, etc. I became particularly impressed with the quality and efficiency of the tools offered. The simple elegance of these motorcycles is what draws me to them; in much the same way, the simple elegance of these tools is what drew me to Cycle Works. These bikes are representative of who I am; this business is but a logical extension. I approached Ed in early 2007 and, after months of apprenticing, began operating as Cycle Works, LLC in January, 2008.

Cycle Works is the original and authentic source for aftermarket BMW motorcycle tools. Similarly, our tool designs are original and authentic - sometimes modeled after a BMW Motorrad tool, often times not. If you have a request for a tool not being offered on the website, let us know – given enough demand we’ll find a way to offer most anything. We are also the recognized provider of crank service for your classic Beemer. We plan to remain true to these business lines while expanding upon current offerings to help keep as many of these machines on the road as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage. Dan, Owner

About me:
I am an electrical engineer by education but in practice my engineering tendencies have always strayed more toward the civil/mechanical side. I've held a few jobs in and around this capacity but the ones that I've enjoyed the most allowed me use of not only my mind, but also my hands. I purchased Cycle Works so that I might do for a living exactly what I'm passionate about.